Licensing Charges for Visual GIANT

Evaluation License available for Visual giant, click here for more information

As stated in the licensing agreement, Visual GIANT is licensed to one user for use on one computer.

Elasoft offers considerable user flexibility in Visual Giant license agreements.

There are five different licenses that provide the user with unlimited usage of the system for a defined number of photographs and unlimited time. These license options are described below:
$1500.00 up to 100 photographs
$2700.00 up to 500 photographs
$3700.00 up to 1000 photographs
$4400.00 up to 2000 photographs
$4900.00 unlimited number of photographs
Licenses are mailed after Elasoft receives payment.
Payment is accepted in US funds only. Please click here for more information.
Licenses are for individual workstations. All additional licenses subsequent to the first license are offered at a 25% discount.
Upgrades (interim releases) to major releases of the program are offered at 20% of the original license fee. Minor program revisions are available free to holders of the corresponding major release.
Discounted license fees are offered to qualified educational institutions. Please contact us for details.
License fees are subject to change without prior notice.
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