System Information/Requirement
Visual GIANT v5.0 for Windows is a software application which enables the user to form, solve and analyze the entire spectrum of photogrammetric triangulation projects.
System Requirements
Visual GIANT is a computer resource intensive program. All computations are performed in 32-bit mode. As a minimum, a computer that is equipped with an Intel Pentium or equivalent processor, running Microsoft Windows 9X or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, is required. At least 16MB (32MB recommended) of memory is needed. More memory will improve performance for large adjustments.
Security Module Installation
A security module is required for running Visual GIANT. The module must be attached to your computer all the time. The module (key) is included in the program installation package. Instructions for the proper installation of the module are also included. Please read the instructions carefully to avoid damage to your computer and/or the electronic key.
Internet Installation
For Internet installation, Please Click Here.
Technical Assistance

Elasoft will provide technical assistance for a period of three months (90 days) from the date that the Visual GIANT license is issued. This technical assistance is limited to problems the user may encounter in the use of the product such as undiscovered bugs. It is not meant to supplement the user staffing in the fields of photogrammetry or computer science.
Dr. Atef A. Elassal, the Elasoft senior partner, has over 35 years of extensive Photogrammetric experience in teaching, research, and large, integrated, production environments. He is the developer of the original Giant product that is currently being used in government and industry throughout the world.

Elasoft will provide, on request, separate cost quotations for user assistance in training and/or in integrating Visual GIANT into the customer's production environment .