1.1 The Triangulation Process

It is assumed that the GIANT user is acquainted with the principle of photogrammetric triangulation. Accordingly, this User's Manual provides little in the way of tutorial information. However, to provide a context for the discussion of GIANT's features, a short discussion of the general steps of triangulation is included here. One possible characterization of the triangulation process might include the steps enumerated below.

  1. Capture Data from Imagery

  2. Pre-process Image Measurements to Remove Systematic Errors

  3. Prepare Input Data Stream for Triangulation Adjustment Program

  4. Configure Triangulation Program for Run Options

  5. Execute Triangulation

  6. Analyze Triangulation Output

  7. Correct or Remove Errors, if Present

  8. Return to Step 1 if Re-measurement is Required or Step 4 to Recalculate

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