2.2 Data Input Files Generated Automatically by GIANT
In addition to the three data files documented in Section 2.1, certain other work files are created by GIANT from information contained in the various screens which comprise the Graphical User Interface. These files are briefly mentioned here to acquaint the user with their purpose, for they will certainly appear in directory listings. While some of these files are written in ASCII format, the user is advised against editing them with a text editor. These files are edited appropriately when changes are made to information displayed on the corresponding screen of the Graphical User Interface.
2.2.1 The Camera File
The Camera File contains all pertinent information for all cameras used in a GIANT project. Different calibrations of the same camera warrant different camera definitions. Camera files inherit their names from the project name and have an extension of .CAM. Section 3.3 provides a detailed description of the creation and maintenance of Camera Files.
2.2.2 The Group File
GIANT employs a sophisticated data aggregation strategy that is based on the notion of a group. Simply stated, a group is a set of images and frames associated with a camera or specific calibration of a camera. This strategy permits a GIANT triangulation project to incorporate an unlimited number of different cameras or different calibrations of the same camera. Several benefits result from this approach including rigorous treatment of historical data and improved statistical modeling of the data. The Group File is the location where all group-related information for a project is stored. Group files derive their names from the project name and end with an extension of .GRP. Section 3.4 provides a detailed treatment of the creation and maintenance of groups.
2.2.3 The Common Input File
Many of GIANT's features that are described in Chapter 3 do not pertain to the information contained in the five file types heretofore discussed. One example would be the switch to indicate whether the ground control coordinate system uses units of feet or meters. These general types of data and switches are encoded and stored in the Common Input File. The Common Input File inherits its name from the project and has an extension of .COM.

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