5.1 GIANT Output Files
Under certain configurations GIANT can produce a maximum of five output files. All of the files will inherit the name of the project and be differentiated by their extensions. The following table summarizes all of GIANT's output files.




 Adjusted State Vectors for Camera Stations


 Adjusted State Vectors for Camera Stations or GPS Antenna


 Adjusted Object Point Coordinates


 Adjustment Printout-listing


 Adjustment Run Statistics


It is important to note that not all these files are necessarily created for each run of GIANT. The specific set of files that are created depends upon the configuration of the switches that control GIANT output. Review Section 3.5 for a discussion of these options. If the Camera Station Parameters were set to Save in the Output Options then both .FCM and .FST files are created: the .FCM file contains only the adjusted state parameters of the camera, and the .FST contains the adjusted state parameters of the camera (when kinematic GPS is inactive) or of the GPS antenna node (when kinematic GPS is active). The .FST file also contains variance information when error propagation is active, and the camera station constraint flags.

 Several GIANT output files have the same formats as their corresponding input files, and so can serve as input files for subsequent adjustments. This policy pertains to the .FST, .FCM and the .GST files. For instance, the .GST file contains the adjusted object space coordinates of the ground points. It can serve in turn as an input ground control file by simply copying it or renaming it to the .CNT extension.

 Section 5.2 provides a detailed description of the contents of the printout-listing file.

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