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  Working with the Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center of the U. S Department of Agriculture, Elasoft has developed the first Internet-based system to manage the Conflict Resolution Process (iCARE).

Utilizing either an Internet-based or Intranet -based implementation, the iCARE System provides unique security that enables the customer to assign different security levels according to the user's functionality within the system.

Accessing the iCARE System as a System Administrator, Power User, Conflict Manager or a Gatekeeper, the user is able to manage all aspects of his/her case such as Consultation, Mediation, Conciliation or Large Group Intervention.

The Conflict Manager can dynamically manage the entire case information base including first/second party information, the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, the ADR dates and the case closeout.

The iCARE System manages assigning, reassigning, archiving, un-archiving the cases as directed by the ADR center.


Mediation Screen