3.0 Configuring GIANT for Execution
The flexibility and power of GIANT as a photogrammetric triangulation tool is derived from its many options. Easily accessible through the intuitive Graphical User Interface GIANT's options readily support an iterative configure-adjust-analyze approach to triangulation as outlined in Section 1.1. While every effort has been made to add internal intelligence to GIANT to prevent inconsistent configurations and to screen for illegal values, there is a broader level of configuration that cannot be checked automatically and relies on the user to ensure its integrity. It is therefore imperative that the user fully understand the many options which GIANT offers, and their impact on the triangulation. This chapter discusses GIANT's options. The discussion groups the options in a logical or functional manner; for instance, the options which support GIANT Project Management are grouped together in Section 3.1. This arrangement is felt to be less tedious than a strictly sequential approach, and more instructive and contextual, following more closely the user's approach to a triangulation project.

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