4.3 The Triangulation

After the input data stream has been assembled and verified, and all options have been configured to appropriate settings, GIANT is ready to perform the triangulation adjustment. Use the mouse to bring the Process Options screen to the front of the display.. On the Process Options screen is a switch labeled Mode, which has two options, Intersection and Triangulation. Use the mouse to set the switch to Triangulation Mode. Begin the execution of the task with the Compute button found at the bottom of the display. No user interaction is required during the execution of the adjustment. While the task is executing, it flashes the message Computing. When the message disappears, the task is complete. Exit GIANT using the Close button at the bottom of the Process Options display.

The output of the adjustment, in compliance with the settings that regulate output (see Section 3.5) is found in the .LIS file. Use a text editor to inspect the file to assess the quality of the adjustment.

If the adjustment is judged to be unsatisfactory, make appropriate edits to any or all the image, frame and ground control files and repeat the adjustment.

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