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Arabic Karaoke and DVD Player LMS-9000

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Digital Arabic Karaoke and DVD Player featuring over 1,300 Arabic songs. (Sorry, no english songs for North America distribution)

For a limited time only (Price $499.99 including DVD Vol 2 + Free U.S. shipping)


Farsi (Persian) Karaoke and DVD Player LMS-9000


Digital Farsi (Persian) Karaoke and DVD Player featuring over 500 Arabic songs. (Sorry, no english songs for North America distribution)

For a limited time only (Price $599.99 + Free U.S. shipping)

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Client testimonies

A lot of fun!!!!!!!, November 9, 2009 Arabic Karaoke, November 8, 2009
By Samar (Herndon, VA) By Abu Sam (Los Angeles, CA)
I got this machine right in time for my birthday party. I must say, it is a lot of fun and it lightened up the party!!! Everyone was singing and dancing!! Being able to list the songs in a cue was awesome, it kept things going!! Also, the scoring feature (you get a score when the song ends)created a sence of competition and everyone started giving it their best!! You can hook up 2 microphones to it(it comes with one) and have multiple people sing. the ordering and shipping process was great!! I highly recommend this machine to anybody that likes to have fun!!! I love it as it was a big hit at the party!!! THIS IS IT IN A NUTSHELL. I bought this unit 2 weeks ago and was amazed by how advanced this unit is. The song list is huge, has a nice variety of arabic songs (both very recent songs & old). My wife & I just threw a party yesterday and the karaoke was an instant hit. I can't tell you how extensive and varied the songlist is, from Lebanese singers to Egyptian, Tunisian, Morrocan. You think of it & it's most likely on the song list. One of the many nice features I liked is the ability to get your songs request in cue instead of having to wait for the song to end before entering the code for the new song. This feature allowed non-stop music throughout the party without any interruption. Let's face it, all of us know tunes & rythms of songs that we like but we can't sing them because we don't know the lyrics. The big text on the screen and the ability to change tempo made all my guests sing like pros. Those who didn't, enjoyed the music and danced along. I highly recommend it for arabic song/sing lovers. I found it reasonably priced and the seller asked all my questions beforehand in a timely fashion. Shipping was also quick.