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Arabic Karaoke Night in the Washington DC Area



  Arabic Karaoke Stars on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at Zikrayet
Welcome to our first Arabic Karaoke Stars, hosted by Zikrayet and brought to you by MyArabicKaraoke.com

This is a singing competition and everyone is invited. The first place winner will receive a “dinner for two” from Zikrayet and the second place will receive a $50 dollar gift certificate from Zikrayet.

The Rules:

• The Initial Audition Round: Starts at 8:00pm, where all singers will perform one song each. With the help of Zikrayet guests the judges’ panel (3 judges) will select the 4 finalists.
• The Semi-final Round: Each singer will perform a new song and only two candidates will be selected to perform in the final round
• The final Round: Zikrayet judges’ panel will select the winner for the night.
• Please note that each singer cannot sing the same song twice, so keep the best for last.
• Points will be assigned for both vocal and performance, so it is important to take this seriously and give it your best.
• For song list choices, please visit MyArabicKaraoke.com

Good luck
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